Pre-prep Program

Ready, Set, Thrive!

St. Paul’s Kindergarten Pre-Prep is a 4YO program offering 4 days a week of care and education.  Our Pre-Prep program caters for the older child who would benefit from another year of kinder or a longer program.

Children will learn social skills, resilience and confidence through play, so they are ready to thrive as they embark on their schooling journey. The program is child-initiated, engaging and our planned intentional teaching experiences support school readiness. 

The curriculum focuses on extending literacy, numeracy and equipping children with the tools to be confident learners at school. There is an additional emphasis on extracurricular experiences including regular visits to the local primary school and an extended bush kinder program, to help facilitate connections with the wider community. 

Please view our selection criteria here. The indicative program fees apply to children who are eligible to receive DET Funding. Children who are not eligible to receive DET funding will be required to pay the full funding amount in addition to the program fees above.

If you wish to discuss whether the Pre-prep program would be suitable for your child, or if you have any questions about the program, please email