Toula is the Nominated Supervisor at St Paul’s Anglican Kindergarten and has successfully completed her Diploma of Teaching. This is coupled with 35 years of experience and vast knowledge working with preschool children and early childhood development.

She has developed and maintained solid working relationships with other professionals and agencies (both internal and external stakeholders). Moreover, she collaborates with the families of the children, placing great value on open communication and feedback. She has a passion and dedication to the development of children with additional needs and seeks to offer support and assistance to the families. Her non-English speaking background is an asset as she has facilitated programs for children with culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds to further strengthen development.

Toula was involved in the establishment of Kindergarten curriculums recognised by government authorities, to allow the Centres to incorporate funded preschool education within the long day sector.

She thrives in her role as the Nominated Supervisor and Educational Leader, which involves the guidance of other Educators in planning and consistently supporting them to ensure effective teaching practices, furthering their knowledge and ensuring the adoption of NQS and ELYF within their program. Toula’s exceptional communication skills have been influential in coaching fellow Educators and Students providing effective leadership and experience.

She is a registered teacher with the Victorian Institute of Teaching.

Toula currently teaches the 4 year old Blue Group and the 4/5 Pre-prep group at St Paul’s Anglican Kindergarten.