Funding & Fees

St. Paul’s Anglican Kindergarten operates on a non-profit basis and is partly funded by a grant from the government for each child attending a 4-year-old kindergarten program (DET funding). However, this funding is only a ‘contribution towards the operation’ of the service.  The remaining funds come from fees and fundraising. 

As a not-for-profit kinder, we run to a tight budget which encompasses staffing, facilities, resources, rent and extra-curricular activities. Each year, our fees are carefully considered to enable the continued operation of our kinder.

The kindergarten relies on support from families regarding the prompt payment of fees and participation in fundraising events to ensure the Kindergarten is financially viable.

Note: Term Fees are inclusive of program costs, excursions, incursions, yoga, Bush Kinder, music and movement and sport programs.

2023 School Year:

2023 FEES 

3 YEAR OLD GROUP (12 hours per week): FREE

4 YEAR OLD GROUP (19.5 hours per week):  $700 per term or $2,800 per year. (Additional hours above 15 hours per week are 4.5 per week).

PRE-PREP (26 hours per week): $1,300 per term or $5,200 per year. (Additional hours above 15 hours per week are 11 hours per week).

For additional information on funding and breakdown of hours and fees please refer to pages 6-9 of our FREE KINDERGARTEN POLICY.

A deposit is required to secure a child’s place in all programs.

3YO Group – $250, refundable in term 1

4YO Group – $350, credited to term 1 fees

PRE-PREP Group $650, credited to term 1 fees


TERM 1 – Invoiced 1 February 2023, due 15 February 2023

TERM 2 – Invoiced 19 March 2023, due 2 April 2023

TERM 3 – Invoiced 11 June 2023, due 25 June 2023

TERM 4 – Invoiced 3 September 2023, due 17 September 2023


Parents/guardians experiencing difficulty in paying fees are requested to contact the Treasurer or Enrolments officer to arrange a suitable alternative payment plan. The Privacy and Confidentiality Policy of the service will be complied with at all times in relation to a family’s financial/personal circumstances.


Funding for 4-year-old kindergarten:  

The Victorian Government provides funding directly to the kindergarten to support children to access a kindergarten program in the year before they start school (DET funding). This funding is a contribution towards meeting the cost of the kindergarten program and is based on the number of children enrolled in the kindergarten program. This funding is in addition to the term fees that families pay to the kindergarten. 

Each child can only attend one funded kindergarten program in the year before they start school. If a child is attending another children’s service that offers a kindergarten program, including privately run early childhood services, only one service is able to claim the government funding. St Paul’s Anglican Kindergarten will always claim this funding so, if applicable to you, please notify your child’s other educational setting and check that they are NOT claiming the funding. Claiming two lots of funding can result in unexpected and hefty fines / repayments for families. 

Funding for the Pre-Prep program:

To be able to claim a second year of funded (DET funding) four-year-old kindergarten (i.e. for our Pre-Prep program), children must have developmental delay in at least two areas of development. This is a very involved process and usually requires supporting documentation and evidence from medical professionals and/or specialists. 

If you are unsure whether your child is ready to begin their kindergarten journey, please speak to your child’s Educator. This is particularly relevant for families whose child would turn four years of age between January and April of their four-year-old kinder year. Being ‘too young’ is not considered a valid reason for a second year of three or four-year-old preschool. 


The Victorian Government provides a fee subsidy to the kindergarten to enable eligible children to attend a 4/5 year-old program at a reduced cost.  Children attending the 4/5 year-old (funded) kindergarten program are eligible for the kindergarten fee subsidy (KFS) and will be charged at concession rates if the parent/guardian/or the child has a:

  • Commonwealth Health Care Card
  • Commonwealth Pensioner Concession Card
  • Department of Veterans’ Affairs Gold or White Card
  • Refugee or Asylum Seeker visa (200 – 204 or 866)
  • An ImmiCard

Or the child is: 

  • Identified by a parent, carer or legal guardian as being Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander; and/or
  • Identified on the birth certificate as a triplet or quadruplet, and the other children on the birth certificate are attending a funded kindergarten program. 

If your family or child has a humanitarian or refugee visa listed by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection which is not included above, your child may still be eligible for concession rates.  Please speak to the Kindergarten Director.

Parents of eligible children must indicate their eligibility on the online enrolment form and must present the relevant card or visa to the kindergarten Director for sighting. The sighting and expiry date will be documented on the child’s file.

Concession rates are only available for our funded 4/5 year old program and are shown in the fees table below.

For eligible families, these out-of-pocket fees may be covered by the:

“Kinder+program “ (operated by the Rotary Club of Balwyn) which assists with the fee gap of up to a maximum of $300 per child per year. Applications can be made by the Kindergarten and payments are made directly to the Kindergarten. Talk to the Enrolment Officer or the Kindergarten Director for further information.

2022 School Year:

2022 FEES

PRE-PREP: $1,900 per term*
(26 hours per week)

4 YEAR OLD GROUP: $1,300 per term*
(19.5 hours per week)

3 YEAR OLD GROUP: $1,000 per term*
(12 hours per week)

Deposit to secure your child’s spot equals 50% of term 1 fees. ($950 for PRE-PREP, $650 for 4 year old, $500 for 3 year old)

*Fees are for funded places. Additional fees payable if your child is not eligible for Government funding. 



A non-refundable security deposit to secure enrolment is deducted from Term 1’s fees. The total security deposit is 50% of term one fees.

Parents/guardians are required to pay the security deposit by the 21st October 2020 to confirm their child’s place at the kindergarten. This payment is retained and deducted from term 1 fees. This deposit is non-refundable, except in the instance where the place can be filled by another child, and then you will be entitled to a refund of 50% of the security deposit paid.

Fees are non-refundable.

Any difficulty in paying fees in full by the due date should be discussed with the Kindergarten Treasurer or Kindergarten Director.  Where appropriate, an installment arrangement may be agreed.  Any discussions will be confidential.

The Committee of Management reserves the right to charge a late fee for any overdue fees.


Parents are rostered to attend one working bee per year.  Parents can opt-out of attendance with the payment of a $50 Maintenance Levy.


Families who are eligible for the Early Start Kindergarten fee subsidy (refer to Fee information for families) will not be required to make fee payments.


For information on the Child Care Benefit, refer to Fee information for families. 
(Note: There will be changes to child care assistance from 2 July 2018. More information about the New Child Care Package can be found at:


Full payment from the first day of Term 1 is required if a place is to be reserved for a child in the three-year-old program. Children can only commence the program when they have turned three.


Parents/guardians experiencing difficulty in paying fees are requested to contact the Treasurer or Enrolments officer to arrange a suitable alternative payment plan. The Privacy and Confidentiality Policy of the service will be complied with at all times in relation to a family’s financial/personal circumstances.