Four year Old Program

St. Paul’s Anglican Kindergarten strives to work towards the provision of an outstanding early childhood education for all children.  We endeavour to work in partnership with families and the St. Paul’s kindergarten community to contribute significantly to positive outcomes for each child that is supported by best principles and practices.

At St. Pauls, the four year old programs are both predominately play based and follow and emergent curriculum. 

Our educators create a sense of belonging while providing a wide variety of developmentally appropriate experiences supporting the children to challenge themselves and encourage resilience. 

We encourage the children to develop their communication skills, social awareness, self-regulation and confidence in their abilities. Early numeracy and literacy are taught through play and child-led activities.

The excursions and incursions included in our curriculum provide a unique opportunity to learn about the wider community and the world around them. 

The curriculum is responsive to the needs and interests of each individual child and facilitates experiences to prepare for school readiness.

Our educators model and encourage interactions that promote empathy, kindness, respect and promote the children to feel proud of their own achievements.  

4 year old timetable 2022

Red Group: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 8:30am-3:00pm