Pre-Prep Uniforms

Uniforms are compulsory for all Pre-Prep students.

Wearing a uniform prepares children for school and can make dressing easier in the morning. Our uniform distinguishes our Pre-Prep children from those in three and four year old kinder. 

2024/2025 PRICES TBC. 

(pricing schedule below is just a guideline to approximate costs)

Our high-quality cotton uniforms are ordered once a year at enrolment time (October of each year). 
Please refer to the measurements/specification guide below. You will be provided with an order form at your time of enrolment. 

A limited amount of stock is kept on hand for children joining mid-year, or for those who may need additional pieces. Please contact the purchasing officer to arrange a secondary order.

Please contact the St. Paul’s purchasing officer on for any uniform related queries. 


Please note, the jacket runs large.

A St. Paul’s Kinder Buy-Swap-Sell Facebook page is available
exclusively for Pre-Prep families.

Pre-Prep families are invited to join the group at the following link:

Please note this Facebook page is not endorsed or monitored by the
kinder Staff or Committee of Management.


Families are invited to donate any used Pre-Prep uniform items to the kinder during the last week of term 4.

Please provide washed items to the Pre-Prep staff at drop-off time. The donated uniforms make up the stock of the mid-year shop.  All sale proceeds will be donated to the kinder. 

To purchase used uniforms mid-year, please contact the purchasing officer.