Parent Involvement


St. Paul’s Anglican Kindergarten encourages parent and family involvement in all aspects of the program. Parents and carers are welcome to assist with their child’s kindergarten group as part of our stay and play program,  join the Committee of Management or through various social volunteer opportunities.

Stay & Play


Surrounded by an increasingly fast-paced, highly structured and technological world, we recognise the importance of teaching the children to slow down, explore the natural environment, problem solve and take risks within a supported framework.Bush Kinder offers unplanned, unknown and unpredictable encounters, which lead to significant provocations for learning. (Waters 2012)Bush Kinder has been extensively researched, particularly overseas, and shows significant benefits to children’s confidence, motivation, resilience and concentration, as well as increased visual, social, physical, imaginative and language skills.At St. Paul’s we are incredibly fortunate to be able to offer such a rich and diverse opportunity for our children within an inner-city environment.

Committee of Management

Our kindergarten is governed by a committee which is made up of volunteer parents / carers and St. Pauls Anglican Church representatives.

The Management Committee oversees the day-to-day running of the Kindergarten, including finances, personnel, policies and the maintenance of the playgrounds and building.

The committee meets on the third Tuesday of each month during term.



Responsible for the daily operations of the kindergarten. 


Responsible for making sure that the financial affairs of the  kindergarten are conducted in an appropriate manner. 


Responsible for the administration of the committee.

Minutes Secretary

Responsible for communications regarding committee meetings.


.Investigates appropriate grants and submits applications

Social Committee president

Organises fundraising opportunities and social events for the  kindergarten throughout the year.

Marketing and social media

Keeps the website updated, maintains the kindergarten’s Facebook page and uploads regular posts. Manages advertising of the kindergarten.


Responsible for providing support and advice for St Paul’s  IT issues.


Manages the overall maintenance of the kindergarten including working bees.


Updates the kindergarten’s policies to ensure they reflect national quality principles and national law.


Monitors the OHS Policy requirements, maintains the risk register, completes annual OHS audit checklist and identifies hazards. 

Purchasing Officer

Responsible for all management/ordering and payment of kindergarten uniforms.

social sub-commitee

Social Sub-Committee members assist the Social Committee President with running events and fundraising for the kinder. 

St. Paul’s Anglican Kindergarten

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For all enrolment or program-related queries please contact our Enrolments officer via email: office@stpaulskinder.org.au