three year Old Program

St. Paul’s Anglican Kindergarten strives to work towards the provision of an outstanding early childhood education for all children.  We endeavour to work in partnership with families and the St Paul’s kindergarten community to contribute significantly to positive outcomes for each child that is supported by best principles and practices.

Our rich and varied three year old program focuses on emotional development and independence through play. Children are taught life skills as well as developing resilience and independence. 

We have a warm and welcoming and positive environment for your child to learn and grow. A place where learning is fun and enduring friendships are made. 

The program is taught by Natalie Coulson and Kate Elsbury.  Working together now for seven years, Nat and Kate make a wonderful team whose great reputation precedes them.

The core aim of the three year old program is to set a solid foundation for success in four and five year old kindergarten. A strong focus on routine in a positive and nurturing environment helps settle children’s anxieties and teaches routine and independence. Children are taught responsibility through routine by putting their own bags away, washing hands and sitting down independently for morning mat time. 

Nat and Kate actively and purposely develop their program to encourage a healthy autonomy in the kids.

Free play follows morning mat time with art & craft, constructions, puzzles, and numerous other open-ended play experiences.  The teachers are guided by the children’s personal interest and individuality is valued and nurtured. A healthy expression of feelings and emotions is encouraged from the children by the educators and helping the children develop emotional intelligence is an integral part of the curriculum.  Mindfulness and yoga are Nat’s passion having recently completed her children’s yoga instructor qualifications.

More structured educational activities include communication role play to help with both verbal and non-verbal communication development and early numeracy and literacy are taught through art and group projects.

The three year old program at St. Paul’s is also rich in incursions including Drama Toolbox, Dino Diggers, Yoga, Dog Safety and others. 

The three-year old program provides a happy and safe place where children are strongly valued and respected.

3 year old timetable 2021

Rainbow Group: Friday 8:30am – 3pm

Sunshine Group: Monday 8:30am – 3pm, Friday 8:30am – 11:30am 

Starlight Group: Monday 8:30am – 3pm, Friday 12:00pm – 3pm